About Us

WINK Streaming, a global leader in content delivery and content caching, video delivery, surveillance, encoding, and live transcoding solutions. We offer flexible and custom tailorable solutions for a range of deployment sizes from municipal to city and state-wide solutions.

Global Network

A comprehensive global network and real time content delivery network featuring adaptive real time routing and latency management.


We use Best practices in security management and firewall protection. As more operators move applications and business processes to the cloud, CDN security is a growing concern. Our security solutions must not only protect data from theft and loss but ensure optimal CDN availability by fending off the many attacks that can diminish or interrupt network performance.


Zero points of failure, our solutions are redundant and fault tolerant. Paired with our adaptive routing technology we are always online. Our services our available via our unique always on BGP adaptive routing technology.


24/7 technical support, including customer managable escalation and incident management.

Security & Surveillance

We provide innovate solutions for a wide range of video surveillance, archival, transcoding and display needs. Our product competencies include encoding, transcoding, site bridging, distribution and relay, and content delivery. Our solution can be run as a stand-alone product suite, including both the front and back end, or as part of a larger deployment of Genetec's Omnicast or Genetec's Security Centre, or Milestone's Commercial or Enterprise, or with a legacy VMS, analog matrix or video wall. We offer scalable from a small office building or retail store to a city or state or a nationwide deployment. With standard support for unicast and multicast or hybridized networks our solutions are capable of operating in any complex deployment. Intranet, Internet, Web, and Mobile Delivery our solutions support industry standard protocols and a range of custom solution protocols and codecs.

Encoding & Transcoding

We offer high quality, low latency, live and archive based encoding and transcoding solutions. Our systems provide a compressive range of protocols and codecs including the latest H264, HEVC, VP1, AV1, and a wide range of legacy protocols.

Content Delivery

Global reach and global data centers. We offer a range of delivery solutions ranging from BGP Anycast, DNS based Geolocation, Latency sourced delivery and a range of hybrid solutions taking advantage of a low latency global network.

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