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Terms and Conditions

1. Requirements of Age Some of the contents that we offer in our sites could not be adapted for smaller children of certain age. In some cases they will appear the classifications to indicate the aptitude of the content; or the access to certain groups of age can be restricted. The parents and tutors will have to supervise the access of their children to our sites and, in particular, their use of any area of the community.

2. Intellectual property All the rights of intellectual property of the information and the contents of this Web site belong to WINKSTREAMING or the authorising ones of licenses. Great part of the contents is protected by the laws of rights of author and registered tradename, among others. The accomplishment of copies destined to the personal use is only authorized unless the opposite indicates itself. The modification, reproduction, publication or transference of any content to other people, or their use for commercial aims are prohibited. Except insofar as law it allows the effective it, it is prohibited to desensamblar, to descompilar, to apply reverse engineer or to try by any means to break the protection of the content.

3. Availability Our sites make available so “what”. Sometimes it is possible that the sites are not available, or can undergo failures, maintenance or other causes other people's to our control. Guarantee some of the quality is not offered, functionality, availability or yield of our sites nor of the content of the same. We reserved the right to change, to suspend or to retire any content of our sites, to suspend to your registry or access to our sites or to at any time discontinue any function of the site without previous warning. You are responsible for the payment of the tariffs of your Supplier of the Service of Internet and any tariff related to the use of our sites. You do not have to damage, to interfere with or to interrupt the access to our sites or their content, nor to do nothing that can affect the operation or interfere with the access from the others to our sites or their content. You do not have to use the sites or their content of any form that is illegal or detrimental for WINKSTREAMING, our filial companies or any other person.

4. Community You are totally responsible for any text, video, audio, images, photographies or any other material or content that you raise our sites. We requested you that you use any tool of community to your disposition of responsible form. In particular you do not have to publish content that infringe the law or the rights of others, or that include activities or declarations discriminatorias, offensives, obscene or difamatorias or that offends to others by their nationality, race, sort, sexual tendency, religion, creed or incapacity. You will not have to use the areas of the community for any commercial aim. You grant perpetual, world-wide, nonexclusive, free of canons and totally transferable a right to us to use, to copy, to modify, to publish and to present/display any content that you publish or you raise our sites, and to incorporate it in other works. Resignations to any moral right that you can have in this content.

5. Connections to other sites We have not approved nor examined any site of third parties that have connections to our sites and we do not become people in charge in any form by its content. The use that you do of these sites of third parties will be subject to the terms and conditions of these sites.

6. Resignation WINKSTREAMING does not guarantee the exactitude, reliability or totality of any information contained in our sites. In all the scope allowed by the law, filial and/or authorising WINKSTREAMING, our companies of licenses exclude all responsibility by any incidental or consequent loss that you can indirectly undergo or any other direct one or, and of the form who arise by your use or access, or impossibility to use or to accede, including any loss of data or caused damage to lower content of our sites. You can have right like consumer that is not affected by these Terms and conditions. If any clause of these Terms and conditions is considered illegal, null or nonfeasible, the rest of the clauses will continue in complete vigor and effect.