Share your live Genetec feeds on the Web, Mobile and Desktop

Export live from Security Center and Transcode in real time

Unicast and Multicast Support
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  • ▸ Fully Compatible with Genetec’s Omnicast and Security Center
  • ▸ Easy one-time setup with Genetec Products
  • ▸ All Genetec camera types supported
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  • ▸ Reduce Bitrate from 5 MBPS to 0.3 MBPS
  • ▸ Maintain similar quality and frame rates
  • ▸ Encrypted and Secure Authentication Support
  • ▸ Static Image Preview and Live Video

Comprehensive Solutions for:

Traffic Cameras

traffic cameras and highway

⦿ City / State / Province Wide Traffic Camera on Public Website

Police and City Employee Access

police monitoring and cameras

⦿ Easy access for Police and City employees to view local cameras from mobile and home

Interagency Sharing

agency sharing

⦿ Interagency Sharing, Convert your Genetec feeds to HLS, RTMP, MPEG-DASH or RTSP at a reduced bitrate and share with other departments or agencies


telecommunity and connectivity with video

⦿ Reduce bitrate live video feeds allow for quality viewing from home

Intelligent GPS Based Apps

GPS location automatically presenting local cameras

Ingress or Egress Cameras to/from Genetec

Support unsupported devices in Security Center

Commonly Used for:

  • ▸ Police Monitoring
  • ▸ Highway Management
  • ▸ Drones Monitoring
  • ▸ Oil Well Monitors
  • ▸ Snow Removal Trucks
  • ▸ Traffic Analysis
  • ▸ Remote Management and Administration

Android and iOS Mobile and Tablet Support

  • ▸ Map and List Views
  • ▸ Single or Tile View
  • ▸ Customizable and Brandable
  • ▸ Intelligent Bandwith Management
  • ▸ PTZ passthrough controls
  • ▸ Alerts and Logging

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