Public Eye

A turnkey solution for transcoding & sharing neighbourhood cameras on Web and Mobile Devices.

WINK Streaming's end-to-end transcoding, streaming and content delivery solution provides a streamlined package for sharing feeds!

City Traffic Cameras


  • ▸ List View & Intelligent Map
  • ▸ Android and iOS Apps
  • ▸ Custom Branding and Signing
  • ▸ Integrates with existing cameras and VMS's
  • ▸ Smart bitrate delivery of live video
  • ▸ Compatible with existing VMS's
  • ▸ Video and Dynamic Image Options Available

Comprehensive Solutions for:

City Cameras

city traffic

⦿ City / State / Province Wide City Camera on Public Website

Police and City Employee Access

police monitoring

⦿ Easy access for Police and City employees to view local cameras from mobile and home

Interagency Sharing

agency sharing

⦿ Interagency Sharing, Convert your Genetec feeds to HLS, RTMP, MPEG-DASH or RTSP at a reduced bitrate and share with other departments or agencies



⦿ Reduce bitrate live video feeds allow for quality viewing from home

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